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Pastor Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor is a pastor and teacher of God’s uncompromising Word. He is a native of Craven County and is the founder of Fountain of Life Ministries in  Havelock, North Carolina. He is married to Jacqueline Wilson Taylor. 

At an early age Pastor Taylor knew there was something between him and God. In 1984 Pastor Taylor accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. That same day the Lord made him aware that he was to preach His Gospel.

After that glorious transformation with the Lord, Pastor Taylor knew he needed someone in is life to teach and guide him into a deeper understanding of God’s Word. He searched for many churches trying to connect and fulfill the void. Then it happened; on one Friday night he was asked to watch a man by the name of Fredrick K. C. Price on TBN Broadcast. Pastor Price was teaching the Word of God and Pastor Taylor was finally connected. The void was filled and his eyes were opened to the Word of God. He was introduced to what was

called “The Word of Faith Teaching”. For three years Pastor K.C. Price was Pastor Taylor’s TV pastor. But God knew that he needed a local covering and hands on pastor. 

It was in 1987 that God placed Pastors Cal and Nita Langford from Texas in New Bern to be that covering and hands on pastor to teach Pastor Taylor the Word of Faith; the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastors Cal & Nita were graduates from Rhema Bible Training Center, founded by the late Kenneth E. Hagin Sr. located in Tulsa, OK. 

Pastor Taylor spent 13 years under the training of Pastors Cal & Nita Langford. It was under their leadership, God spoke to him about moving out into the pastoral ministry. 

In 1993, God stirred Pastor Taylor to go into the pastoral ministry full time. Because of the lack of understanding, Pastor Taylor delayed this move until 1998. 

In September 1998, Pastor Taylor went searching in Havelock, North Carolina for a church building. The building was located. It was in September of 1998 that Pastor Cal ordained Pastor Taylor, blessed him, and released his family to go fulfill God’s plan in the pastoral ministry. He started Fountain of Life Ministries, his first church, that only seated 40 people. 

Since then the church has grown. Fountain Of Life Ministries had outgrown their first building. The Holy Spirit brought back a vision to Pastor Taylor’s memory. A vision of people filling the walkway and waiting to enter a large building. It was time to find the one that Pastor Taylor saw in his vision. As the search began, he came to a property located on Greenfield Heights Boulevard, Havelock NC. As Pastor Taylor approached the building he knew this was the church he saw in the vision!  People waiting to enter on the walk way. Directed by the Holy Spirit, the building was purchased. Services are now held at 301 Greenfield Heights Boulevard, Havelock NC. We have been blessed with a building to hold approximately 600 people. Glory to God!


Pastor Taylor is very serious about his heavenly Father’s business! Again, directed by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Taylor began holding “Healing Services” at the church, teaching people how to receive the healing power of God’s Word into their life.  By faith and the anointing he was blessed by God to lay hands on the sick so that they may receive their healing.  Not only did it bless the people in the surrounding area, but by way of the internet, God's anointing has affected people as far as Greece.      

"It is an honorable thing to be called by God to preach the gospel of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I consider it to be the highest calling a man or woman could ever have bestowed upon them. Therefore, I will continue to esteem it very highly and protect it with my life in the honor of my Lord and Savior. "  

Pastor Jackie Taylor

Pastor Jackie Taylor received Jesus as her Lord and Savior on September 5, 1988 at 2:00 a.m. She began to seek to know Him, through His Word. She is married to Pastor Larry Taylor. They have two sons, a daughter-in-law and four grandchildren.

In 1989 she joined “Foundation Life Fellowship” of New Bern, North Carolina; under the leadership of Pastors Cal & Nita Langford. She was faithful, loyal, and diligent in her attendance as well as in her integrity and financial support to the ministry. During the nine years of her membership, she served in the children’s church, temple-keeping, greeting and pastor’s appreciation ministries; as well as a coordinator for the LIA (Love In Action) ministry. 

In 1998, she was ordained and licensed by Pastor Cal Langford of Foundation Life Fellowship and was released from the ministry with good standing to support her husband as he founded “Fountain of Life Ministries” in Havelock, North Carolina.

In 1999, she left a career in Logistic Management to support her husband full time in the ministry. Under the leadership of Pastor Larry Taylor, she became a licensed minister of Fountain of Life Ministries. Working with her husband she oversees the daily operations of the ministry as well as being anointed to share God’s Word through the ministry of exhortation. In 2001, she established “Women of Faith Loving God’s Way”. Speaking at women’s conferences, she encourages women to see themselves unique, valuable, and the leaders God created them to be.   

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